We all know everyone likes a little perfection in their life.  Do you or does your significant other consider yourself to be perfection?  Then this sexy set of 5 poses plus mirrors is the perfect choice for you.   Available NOW at Designer Circle for a discounted price of $200L for the set until 6th January... Continue Reading →

Give Back

It is the season to be kind and give thanks to all those we cherish.  Image Essentials is proud to offer Snow Day V2 as a GIFT at Give Back. Snow Day V2 is a custom mesh prop with bento couples pose and is a giveaway for Give Back Give Back will feature live performers... Continue Reading →


We all know that amorous feeling - when we show or feel a bit on the sexy side. Well the Amorous set of 5 poses and mirrors is perfect for that. It is available at Designer Showcase until ... then it will appear instore at Image Essentials and on Marketplace.  


We all know someone who is a brat.  Many claim I am one at times and yes, I was in that kind mood when I made these.   Both are available instore and on marketplace for $300 a set of 5 poses plus mirrors (10 poses in total)

Daily Things

We are do a few daily things in our lives.  Sit and contemplate, talk on the phone, read magazines, and yawn.  This is the set that allows you to do all of the above. Available  instore and on marketplace for $300L

The Waiting Game

We have all that time in our lives where we are waiting.  Waiting for something to happen, waiting for someone to arrive, waiting for things to end. The Waiting Game is an original mesh prop with 5 mirrored bento poses that perfectly fit the mood. The Waiting Game is available at 4Mesh until 11th December... Continue Reading →

Christmas is coming

Lots of us love a little Christmas and lots of us love to take pics with family and friends for Christmas. Image Essentials has done something a little different with some AWKWARD CHRISTMAS poses for those with a little bit left of centre sense of humour. Check out these poses instore and have a little... Continue Reading →

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