Brookie has been in Second Life for about 9 and a half years total, 7 of them as Brookie. Just like most of us she started out in the club scene as a hostess, in fact her and Gerts worked together in a few clubs. She eventually moved her way up to personal hostess for a few DJs, set manager and eventually Assistant Director of the now closed, The Beach Lounge.

During all this her love of shopping was born, always wanting to wear something new for her sets. As soon as she earned enough through her hard work she’d be off shopping. She had a lot of girls asking where she got her items and her blog was born. For 5 years Brookie has been bringing amazing finds to the people of SL and blogging is now her passion. When she’s shopping, she’s shopping to blog and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Brookie Rascon