Hello. My name is Bella.

I started blogging because I’m a shopaholic, so why not share the fabulous things I buy?

I have been mastering photoshop for 13 years and continue to learn new things everyday to improve my skills for my photos and blogging.

Photography is a huge passion of mine. I do this in both worlds. I was Inspired after meeting another blogger. This is what motived me to become a blogger.

I realized the more I did it the more passion I developed for it. I started blogging just because I enjoy it, then eventually I started to apply for sponsors. To much of my surprise, I got turned down a few times but I never let that stop me. I had a goal and I set it, I continued to buy things and posting to my Flickr and worked hard on it. Always buying my own things. Putting outfits together, working on my background, taking time and passion in what I do.

After getting my first few sponsors, I was very excited. Then I thought, well I love furniture, I want to try and blog furniture and poses. To me, blogging is a stress reliever. It helps me calm and I love to blog especially as I listen to music. Sometimes I love to add nice things to my blog as a song or a poem. Blogging is also about being creative. I love poetry and dark colors and the darker side of life. Blogging is a major passion for me, and my blog is a representation of who I am as a person. There is a little of me on my blog.

Thank you for taking the time to read.