I have been in Second Life for many years now, almost a decade! Whew! I’m one of the grannies of SL now I guess haha. I have been a DJ, host, event planner, manager, sim owner, model, model trainer, store manager, blogger manager, and many other things. And of course I am a blogger on top of the rest.

I have a huge family in SL and well as RL whom I totally love. In Second Life, my wife’s name is Gwennie and in RL she is also my best friend, we live close to each other so lots of offline plotting there! Also, in RL, I am newly marriaged as of August and love my husband to the moon and back! We all enjoy being outdoors, motorcycle trips and fishing. Owned by two very demanding mini dachshunds and a huge cat. I firmly believe that though these are avatars, there’s a piece of each of us within them with real feelings. So treat everyone with kindness.