Fetish Fair and Designer Showcase

Image Essentials has not one but two brand new pose sets out. Both pose sets are Bento compatible and you must use a Bento viewer to use them but they are absolutely amazing and deserve to be in every blog from here on out *shameless plug*


Image Essentials in collaborations with 1313 Mockingbird Lane has come up with Shush, a set of 6 poses with either a ball gag or riding crop prop. The props have a texture change HUD as well! They are Bento poses and we recommend that you put your shoulders at 55 and arm length at 60 to achieve the proper placement, if it’s still not quite right adjust the shoulders first before messing with arms any more. These poses are available EXCLUSIVELY at Fetish Fair as of February 3, 2017

WeDoSL Events

For our next amazing set of poses we have Soft Caress. These poses are meant for your close up shots, nails, makeup, skin, eyes, they will all THANK YOU for buying these poses!


Soft Caress is a set of 5 Bento hand poses with mirrors available exclusively at Designer Showcase and are 300L. That’s 10 poses for only 300L it’s a steal really and you’ll never want to take a close up photo again without these.

Designer Showcase

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